Despite What Some Say.....Social Media Takes Up Time !

  • Time is Precious in any Business !
  • You could train a smart staff member to do the social media marketing but will they stay long term- what about illness- maternity leave ?
  • Why not delegate the social media to an expert ? DEVOTE YOUR TIME TO DO WHAT YOU DO BEST....RUNNING YOUR BUSINESS !

Why Not Save Time and Outsource to a Social Media Manager !

Most local business owners Soon learn that they have to delegate to succeed.

  • Most of us simply cannot "Do it all ourselves".Lets face it how many of us do our own tax returns....
  • we hire an accountant because they have the knowledge and skill to get that particular job done.
  • Social Media is no different for businesses who do not have an in house expert !

Life is short and Time is Precious.
Leave the Social Media to a specialist.

save Your Time and Out-Source. You'll be Glad You Did !

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Some reasons why your business may need to outsource to a social media manager to save time and money ?

Social Media Marketing

Social Media. Starting at $350 a month

We create and post your daily message, comment and monitor your networks. We’ll work with you to find the best combination of social networks for your business.

  • Instagram and Pinterest Posting
  • Facebook and Twitter Posting
  • LinkedIn Posting
  • Photo Image Branding and Creation
  • Email Marketing Packages
  • Blog Posting and Website Management
  • Facebook Page Custom Call To Action Buttons
  • Restaurant and Bar Social Media
  • Entertainment and Celebrity Social Media
  • Social Business Strategy Consults

Time is Precious in Any Business ?

Some business owners realistically simply will not have the time to dedicate themselves to a social media platform to make it successful for their business.

There is no magic click to cure all button, and starting an account and then just abandoning it leaves a poor impression online.Consistency wins the race but does require varying degrees of time and effort ?

Overwhelmed or New to it all ?

Some people just feel overwhelmed by social media, do not really get the concept of it all and are confused about how to design and implement a plan of action, or simply do not know where to start. Perfectly understandable….

Why not consult us as specialists and we can appraise your business model and advise what social media plan of action would be desirable.

Cannot Decide what platform fits ?

Whats the best fit for marketing your particular business through social media ?

Is it Facebook ? LinkedIn ? Google+ ? Twitter ?or maybe YouTube or Instagram ? Or maybe a combination of them?

Consult us and we can handle setup, we will devise a plan with you and manage your account or accounts.

Check Out Our Social Media Accounts

  • The Power of Social Media Ads

    By outsourcing to us you benefit from our knowledge, of how and when  to use social media ads to promote your product or service. By and large social media ads are significantly more cost effective over traditional advertising.

    Furthermore social media ads can be used powerfully in conjunction with offline advertising .

  • When to Post and Pitch ?

    By outsourcing to us we  have the skill to ascertain what are the optimum times to reach your target audience. It should come as no surprise to discover that different people actually login at differing times of the day, so obviously your business needs to engage with them online…..after all whats the point of a post or pitch if nobody is there to see it or indeed share it !

  • Social Media Tools and Trends ?

    An expert managing your social media accounts, spends their working hours online.They can see whats trending up there, whats working, whats in fashion.

    Also a social media manager is best placed to discover what tools are out there that are a fit for your social media marketing.

Just Giving  Some Simple Information About Your Business, Helps Us to Assess what social media platform would be a fit for your Business Online


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Save Money on Expenses

By Hiring  an independent Social Media Manager you save on the administration and taxation expenses associated with hiring a full time employee and much more besides. No more ....Sick Days......Maternity Leave Issues , and what not.

A social media manager can be more flexible, responding to your social media needs according to need, and busy times when you need extra promotion or maybe seasonal promotion .

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    Dealing With Updates and Changes

    Unfortunately social media platforms are ever evolving and changing. The button that worked yesterday does not today !.
    An experts job is to keep up with it all.....Updates, Changes and Trends ! !

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    Product Launches & Events

    For some local businesses they cannot afford to hire a full time social media manager but may require special promotion at special times ! Sometimes a new product or service is being launched ....
    The whole point of social media is that it can help spread the word to a targeted audience for those important moments in business