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Why Use Social Media in the Food Sector ?

Whatever business you operate in the food sector ......be it a Restaurant, or Cafe,or a Health Focused Food product or maybe Artisan Food....... **** You Really Do Need Social Media To Brand & Promote ****

Why Cafes, Bars and Restaurants Need Social Media 

  • I often ask local business owners, do you believe in the saying..."Out of Sight - Out of Mind". Nearly all "believe". The food retail service sector is competitive !.
  • Using any social media channell or a combination of them represents a powerful way for your coffee shop ,bar or restaurant to remain in your customers sight and to attract new customers as well.
  • In this competitive sector , "Promote or Die".By using social media properly there are so many many ways to promote your business.....

Social Media Also Works For Artisan & Health Food Producers

  • People nowadays, care much more about what they eat. Food Customers, know about unhealthy Fats, Sugars,Preservatives and Salt etc. If your product serves a need, you must engage with this target customer because if you do'nt your competitor will !..
  • For many, Diabetes, Cholesterol, Coeliac disease are a part of everyday life for sizeable numbers of people.Can your product help ? Is it beneficial to this audience ?
  • If so.....Social Media Marketing Matters....Because you can engage with this customer, you understand them, and you can target them.

Which Social Media Platform Is Right For Your Particular Business ?

Facebook is the ring leader of social media for much of the general public. Because of the amount of users alone, Facebook is powerful for local restaurants or specialist food producers to find new customers. FacebookBadge_rosemaryoshaughnessyFacebook can provide your restaurant with a great opportunity to connect with your existing customers and other local potential customers. Right Now many of your existing customers are hanging out on Facebook– checking their updates several times throughout the day.  Using this powerful platform, your restaurant or niche food business can share images of your food, make exclusive offers and deals to your audience, run contests, share videos, and so much more. Some of the key highlights of Facebook include:

  • Business Pages: Restaurant owners have the option of creating a business page on Facebook, which helps you find and retain customers, boost your online brand, and increase sales. In fact, Facebook states that their advertising reaches 91% of a company’s target audience online, whereas other advertising companies reach around 21%.
  • Graph Search: With Facebook’s graph search, consumers can search for local businesses quickly. Several Facebook users report that they’ve found many local restaurants and shops that they had previously never heard of, just by performing a graph search.
  • Affordable Advertising: Facebook offers extremely affordable advertising options for local business that help to boost your page and increase likes. In fact, you’ll be able to set your own budget.
  • Search Engine Results: Having a content-driven business page on Facebook will help boost your restaurant’s website and social media pages via the major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.
  • Customer Interaction: Old marketing techniques, such as newspaper advertisements and television commercials were a one-way street. Companies didn’t have a lot of access to customer comments and interactions, but with Facebook, not only is interaction encouraged, but it’s an enjoyable process that helps consumers trust and feel more confident in your company.

googleplus_rosemaryoshaughnessyGoogle+: Google + has an advantage over other social media sites in its Places for Business and Google+ Local platforms. In fact, Google Places for Business is used to find local restaurants more than any other local tools and options on other social media sites.

  • Google Places for Business allows you to take ownership of your restaurant and verify that your information is correct. This helps consumers trust you more and assists them in learning more about what you have to offer.
  • Google+ Local is the “social” aspect of local listings. Through their “circles” feature, anyone in your circle can receive updates, news, promotions, special offers, pictures, and video posted by your restaurant.
  • Google’s local reviews are a powerful way for consumers to share experiences with others about your restaurant. As a business owner, you’ll be able to respond to reviews, answer questions, and engage with customers.
  • Google also offers the Places for Business mobile application. You can check your social media page, reviews, and anything else while on-the-go.

social-network_110002750-012814-intTwitter draws in a massive amount of traffic every day, through its focus on short, concise messages, “tweets,” which are similar to online text messages.

This is handy for restaurant owners who have a promotion or special and want to quickly spread the word. In addition, tweets have the capacity to go viral, meaning they can be shared across several different platforms, bringing you even more exposure.

  • Several successful business owners have brought in new business directly from tweets. With only 140 characters per post, tweets are often read and shared immediately.
  • Twitter, in conjunction with Facebook, can multiply your online presence and bring in more customers. If you have a long post on Facebook, make sure to share it on Twitter with a short link for added exposure.
  • Twitter also offers affordable advertising. You can choose which tweets should be promoted, as well as the time you want the tweets to go out. As previously mentioned, Twitter states that promoted tweets have been proven to boost sales and attract new customers.
  • Twitter allows direct interaction between you and consumers, in real time. For example, if someone tweets a question to you concerning a new promotion or your restaurant hours, you can easily reply back, reaching your consumers within seconds.
  • Twitter’s web marketing tools allow you to place widgets on your business website. Each time you create a new post on your website, it can automatically be tweeted to your Twitter following.

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Ask Yourself a Question.......Have You The Time and Skill To Do It All Yourself ?

There is nothing to stop you trying to manage your social media accounts yourself. Its not rocket science to register on most sites, and address customer interactions yourself. However, you should consider the following issues before embarking on it all on your own.


  • Have you really got the time for it all? Running your business offline is hard enough work as it is, and realistically social media needs time and consistency, can you keep up with it all?
  • Do you know or understand what social media sites are a fit for your business ?. Should you use……. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or maybe Google +. Should you use a combination of them ?, Do you have the knowledge and time to keep up with changes in the online social media industry?
  • Do you really know what to say and do for the best effect? There is an art in how to deal with people online, and a range of techniques that can be deployed. Do you know what they are, or even have the time to learn about them? How expensive and time consuming would it be to train your staff to do it all?

In the offline world, yes, we could do the accounting for our business ourselves but most of us do not !

We call upon the services of a professional accountant.

Social Media management is just like any other technical service, it is far better carried out by a seasoned professional who knows the landscape.

Engaging a professional will allow you to achieve a management strategy, for social media,but at considerably less expense and time investment than training your staff to do it.