Why You Really Need To Use Social Media To Promote an Event or Expo ?

An event or expo is a great way for a small business to reach out to hundreds of potential new customers? At an event or expo you can you make new contacts with service providers in your industry sector? You can see whats going on in your sector ? A trade show or expo offers opportunities for buyers and sellers to meet face-to-face where you can showcase your product or service with a pre-selected- targetted- audience , who in the main are attending because they are already interested offering you the chance to build new relationships with new customers.

To Be Successful All Events or Expos Need Traffic and Footfall !

Benefits of Social Media for an Event Organizer

  • Success Breeds Success

    Event Organisers need Success, to sell future events , To showcase past successful events. Social Media used properly achieves that success !

  • Finding Exhibitors

    Are The Exhibitors- Targets (Stand Purchasers) reachable on Social Media ?

    Linkedin….maybe Facebook….. Have you the expertise to reach them ?

  • Selling to Exhibitors

    An Exhibitor wants value for money….if the event is successful they will be happy.They will want reassurance that strong online marketing is in place and being actively promoted.

Benefits of Social Media for an Exhibitor

  • New Leads

    Your business builds new Leads to keep in touch with after the Event….leads with common interest and purpose.

  • Brand Exposure

    Your Company gets the Benefit of the Promotion of the Event –Offline & Online.

  • What Others Are At

    Through the event before and after you can asess the Strengths & Weaknesses of your competition

How it Works For Attendees ?


Its All About Getting the Right Numbers

  • Using Social Media They Learn That an Event is Taking Place that is of relevance to them !
  • They are likely to tell their colleagues about it too through Social Media !
  • The Audience is less likely to have tyre kickers !

Maybe We Can Help You ?

Just Some Simple Information About Your Business, Helps Us to Assess what social media platform would be a fit !