Everyone Needs Help Now and Again Managing Social Media Accounts !

Many Local Businesses can manage their social media presence but now and again will hit a hurdle because of changes or updates or a need for fresh focus or maybe just help with Facebook ads or other advertising

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    We Analyse Your Online Presence

    The main social media platforms are all different !. We will look for gaps where you’re losing people in your bios, tweets, blog posts, website content and more. We will offer content suggestions for your business.

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    Our Unbiased Appraisal

    With fresh eyes we can analyze what we believe you are doing right and what we feel you are doing wrong or badly. We will offer our advice in plain English. That’s the point of consultancy.

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    1-On-1 Private Chat

    Have something of a delicate nature to discuss ?. Worried about the competition not knowing? .We respect confidentiality .We have a reputation to uphold.

If They Do Not Know, How Great You Are, They Won't Turn Up !

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We Can Give You a Clear Plan of Action

After analyzing your online social media presence we will formulate a social media marketing plan going forward or a plan to refine your current social media efforts. We will explain our plan to you in plain English, so you will understand it .

We Can Setup Your Facebook Business Page

  •  Claim Your Business Page Name
  • Make it Search Engine Friendly
  • Use Facebook Features relevant to your business
  • Branding

Social Media Targetting

A local restaurant in London for example has 1000 likes, 980 from India.Whats the point in that.....they ain't going for a meal anytime soon. We can setup a targeting  plan for you.

Remember Marketing through social media works because of its ability to fine tune who you are targeting as your ideal type of customer, from age ,gender,profession or interests.

Social Media Analytics


We will dig deep into your analytics, to see what’s working and what’s not.

We will focus on increasing fan bases but with quality, engaged ,interested fans only because that's what matters when social media is used properly.

Need Help With Content

We all need some guidance or inspiration at times when it comes to creating content online.

  • What to write about ?
  • How to make it interesting
  • Creating shareable graphics
  • We can Help !

Do Not Ignore The Power of Facebook Ads !

Why Use Facebook Ads

Some business owners are comfortable running their Facebook accounts but.....are uncomfortable with Ad campaigns.To bring your Facebook Marketing to the next level, you really have to consider using Facebook Ads, providing of course that they are used correctly.

Contact Us to see if we can help market your product or service using the power of Facebook Ads ?  add video

Lots of so called experts …Love the meaningless word…”PACKAGES”…..Gold, Silver & Bronze, just to extract more cash , when the reality is that oftentimes this work is outsourced to a third world country for peanuts. On occasion fair enough….if for example you are selling an iPad online, BUT, if you are seeking to promote a pub for example, the third worlders just will not get the concept ! We charge only for the time we spend promoting…..so if times are quiet , fine with us, and if business is busy and a big social media push is required…Fine too….we charge just for our time as a plumber would…..no more !

We seek to partner as an outsourcer with businesses that we believe we can work with, as a team player. We are not looking for numerous clients that in reality cannot be serviced properly. Our speciality are businesses operating in the Food, Artisan & Health sectors. We will only partner if we believe we can achieve results.

Complete our online questionnaire, because we can get a flavour of a business online and check its footprint, before having a chat about our opinions