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When it comes to Social Media

** There are many misplaced myths floating about out there?

** There are many false and exaggerated promises out there too ?

Here's some common myths answered....

Lets Dispel Some Social Media Myths !

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    Social Media Replaces Direct Marketing ?

    The fact is, while social media cannot be ignored nowadays, it should ideally complement direct marketing in all its guises. Online networking is necessary for most nowadays but human interaction offline in the real world is always desirable. Your goal should be to connect with your customer offline using whatever works and online using social media to network too.

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    Unless you use all the Social Media Sites it won't work ?

    This is misleading . The fact is if you do not focus plan and target you could use social media platforms that are not necessarily the right fit for your business. The time investment is significant in social media. Spreading your business thin over a number of sites without specific goals and plans of action can indeed be a waste of precious time. Rather than use a number of networks, start by using the right platform to get results. It is best to focus on one network at a time, get established and then proceed to the next (if its a fit).

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    If you use social media you don't need a website

    Misleading because any smart Business knows that a website is a must regardless of whether you offer a product or service . No matter how many social networks a business belongs to, publishing to a website or at least a blog is a must and there are many solid reasons why. First and foremost your customers expect one, and they will look for a site online and expect to find you . Good relevant Content is the acknowledged King that drives search traffic through the Search Engines. Even if you have profiles on many social media platforms, the ultimate aim should be to motivate people to visit your website where there is unique content and relevant information- a place that will persuade them to do business with you because of the great product or service you offer. A website is a branding tool where you can control your content, display and sell your products and services. You own your website and complement it with your social media presence.

Social Media does take time, and the amount of time required varies from business to business. Its not a push a magic button solution but with a social media plan and strategy a business can achieve results through reasonable time spent both engaging and marketing . It is about the effective use of various tools to use it to advantage and it takes discipline.

Any business naturally tries to monitor and measure the return on investment for every activity in order to see if its profitable. Social media return can be measured using analytics tools through which visitors and their actions can be tracked. This helps a business see if their social media plan is working or needs refining  and helps a business decide what to focus on more and which links are most active.

Well are your competitors using social media…..if so you are allowing them a free unchallenged run to get new business in your sector and perhaps poach your existing customers too.Any business that intends to succeed,by building and expanding its brand,that wants to attract new customers and make its search engine optimization work for its website needs to use a social media platform or indeed a combination of them.

Dangerous and False. Just google the stats for usage on any of the social media platforms out there and the results speak for themselves.  Your customers of all age race etc etc, new and old are on social networks, one or more of them. It is where people connect and engage with each other.Remember word of mouth was always the best recommendation a business could get….in the old days that happened exclusively offline, nowadays it happens online and you want to be part of the action.


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Meaningful Questions About Social Media !

  • q-iconWhy Should My Business Bother with Social Media

    Well there are hundreds of reasons why a local business needs to use one or more social media platforms, but giving you just one….when you are out and about it aint hard to notice all sort of folks using their smartphones or tablets, and many many of them are using social media….these real people are somebodys customers and could be willing and ready to become your customer !

  • q-iconWhat If I am New To Social Media ?

    Well we all once upon a time had to learn to drive a car did’nt we….social media is no different and its actually easy to set up accounts but the downside is learning how to drive focused, relevant targetted prospects to your pages and website.  Check out what we offer because for people we are interested in doing business with that we believe are a fit for our business model, we will review your online presence or lack of it and offer a roadmap.

  • q-iconHow much will it cost my business to get into social media ?

    Well it depends on what you want to achieve and what business sector you are operating in…..because a decision has to be made (the earlier the better) about what is the right social media platform for your particular business. Is it Facebook-Twitter-LinkedIn-Google+-or You Tube or indeed a combination. As part of our complimentary review of your online presence we will offer suggestions in plain english with an explanation  about why !  

  • q-iconHow Is Social Media Relevant For My Existing Customers ?

    By having an effective social media presence online you are reminding existing and satisfied and past customers that you are STILL OPEN for business.How many of us for example simply forget in our busy lives to actually go back to that business that gave us a great product or service. Using social media properly you are steadily in the presence of customers  so they do not forget what you have to offer.