Facebook Ads and any Local Business...Can You Afford Not to Pay To Play ?

Think Seriously About Whether Your Business Can Afford To Ignore Facebook Ads...

The benefit of social media and Facebook is the ability to talk and interact online with real customers and real prospects. After all Facebook in itself represents even for any local business, a huge marketplace, to promote brand, awareness, offers and so much more.

You only have to observe out and about how many people use Facebook, often daily...for some its a part of their daily ritual. Being the significant marketplace that is, can you afford not to talk to your customers online, reminding them how good your products or services are, staying in their minds eye.

Facebook Ads however can supercharge your online business promotion, and are powerful for local business. The reality is day-to-day that many people spend a significant part of their lives using Facebook, and your business needs to be part of their life too. You need to communicate with them in the online world and by doing so you can talk to customers and prospects wherever they are and no matter what type of device they are using. In all probability many of your customers/ prospects are using Facebook on mobile phones which most of us never leave home without. 

BUT.....Have You Really Got the Time Skill or Know How To Use Facebook Ads Effectively!

In the real world off-line, most business owners are busy people, with so much to do every single day to keep their businesses running. Busy people often in reality have too little time in a day particularly when it comes to promoting their businesses online using social media.
Think Carefully....and ask yourself.....Have you really got the time to run your off-line business and at the same time worry about online social media promotion?

The big boys use facebook ads, ask yourself have you got the time and skill necessary to successfully launch targeted Facebook ads. Setting them up, running them and managing them and testing them is by no means as easy as many would have you believe.

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    Ads Are No ..... Just Click a few Buttons !

    Running an ad and setting one up requires a plan and time, and thought – there are many factors involved for the ad to be successful

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    Targetting is The Name of the Game

    Who do you want to see the ad, is it males or females, or maybe teenagers or the elderly,.Is your content relevant to the audience in question? What are you trying to achieve with the ad

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    How Will You Attract and Engage Them ?

    Will you use...graphics, video or audio ? How will you frame your offers for appeal and likes

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    An ad that does not perform is a waste of money. Have you the skill, to pause ads , retweak, split test and ramp up whats working ?

The Benefits in Outsourcing Your Facebook Ads

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    You Save Time

    So you concentrate on what you do best...running your business.

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    Updated Changes

    Facebook evolves regularly, an experts job is to worry about this , not you.

Avoid Frustration !

And Get Back to Doing What You Do Best !

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    Testing & Tweaking

    An expert will test and tweak as required, and will see what works.

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    They will work out what works best, be it audio-video-or graphics.

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WHILST LEARNING HOW TO USE SOCIAL MEDIA IN YOUR BUSINESS for some may be manageable, for most THE TIME involved is significant. ASK YOURSELF - HAVE YOU GOT THE TIME ?

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