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It costs nothing to have a chat.Remember we run a local business too and our chat will reveal whether we are a fit for one another. Feel free to contact me by phone or not hesitate to leave a Skype message either, or if you prefer complete the contact form below.

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We recommend EMAIL OR LINKEDIN as the best method of inquiry.BECAUSE, you have to think about how I can help or not , and therefore any follow on conversation is meaningful for - both of us. If its handier for you ....complete the contact form below....leave your query and contact details, and we will get back to you. ( the more info you can supply with your query the better eg. current website or social media pages we can appraise your online presence before we speak)

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Just Some Simple Information About Your Business, Helps Us to Assess What social media platform would be a fit and How We Could Help You !

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Just Some of The Services We Can Offer You

  • Social Media Management

    Life is busy and many local businesses just do not have the time to properly run social media accounts. For businesses we believe are a fit for us we are happy to step in……remember your success is our success too !

  • Social Media Consultancy

    Some businesses choose to have a key staff member or family member run their accounts. Thats sensible for some but maybe they need that bit of help to devise plans and strategies, or maybe help with platform changes and updates. We can help !

  • Food & Hospitality Sectors

    The Food & Hospitality Sectors are AN IDEAL MARKETPLACE for Social Media. We all love foods of some sort….We all value our time off ! This marketplace is up there waiting for your business !