Is Your Business Social Media Friendly

Is Your Business Social…..Is  It Customer Friendly on Social Media ?

happy-customer_rosemaryoshaughnessyA recent Bord Failte you tube video got me thinking about why a business has to be social and customer friendly on social media, because i was thinking how if i were to do the same video i would have emphasised the fun of the place and its friendly people because i believe a friendly society  really benefits tourism, because  lets face it we all like friendly people. They attract us ! Lets face simple facts…would you prefer to do business with a friendly barber /hairdresser or an unfriendly one ?

A friendly business makes its customer …..feel comfortable ?

The same holds true with a business presence online…..

Most businesses realise this fact nowadays  too I believe…..Customers can be hard got, in these times of economic hardship, many consumers now think and dwell a lot more than the good old days….before they buy or hire….they check things out online and this influences their offline decision making too. The point is that the consumer world today has changed and is rapidly continuing to change both online and offline

You the local businesses… depending on attracting the consumer…. needs to change too..and go with the times, not fight change!

The marketplace competition is cutthroat nowadays and your local business needs to be innovative to stand out from the crowd and get the attention of that precious consumer !

My belief is that through the new , ever evolving universe of social media, businesses can play an entirely different ballgame today ….utilising social media to be social, friendly and indeed innovative as well with their target market.Indeed local business can play in the game along with the big boys.

Why Is Your Business Not Using Social Media ?

Some Reasons to Think About Using Social Media !


Social Media has become a big part of day to day routines for consumers out there- when they are at home, when they are out and about using their phones and tablets, and therefore represents an indispensable communication tool for your business to connect and stay in touch with consumers.

Consumers use social media…..and your social media presence is a way for you to establish….legitimacy, trust, reliability and more with them.

Many Consumers today will judge a business….your business…. based on its Facebook or LinkedIn profiles. Indeed most expect to see a website too !


I have written several posts on “ Why ….so check them out if you are new to the concept and want to “try to get it all “


Discover How to be Social & Friendly to your Consumer with a Plan



About The Author

Rosemary O Shaughnessy

Social Media Manager & Consultant Specialist in the use of social media for local businesses in Ireland.Longstanding experience operating in the Food & Health Sectors.